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:Desi Stories:The unexpected seduction with maid

:Desi Stories:The unexpected seduction with maid
We have a maid at home Parvati. She is about 43 years old, slim, medium sized breasts, decent figure, wheatish complexion, smooth skin, mother of 2, abandoned by husband since long and very clean and honest. She also is a proud person and fairly tough since she has had to bring up the kids on her own. She has been working for many years and while I have never felt the kind of urge or desire to have her all these years I have on occassions fantasised it. But it was never a aim or objective and the fantasises were rare.

I am 48 and now work from home and my office is upstairs and she comes to clean it every day for about 5 minutes at best. My wife works off and on to keep busy sometimes she isnt at home for a few hours. Parvati is on her knees to clean under the table and so on and rarely do I look at her busy in my work.

One day I pushed back my chair to allow her to work and even show her pallu was intact I could still see her nice breasts since she wasnt wearing any bra. They were really tempting. I sort of kept staring and she suddenly looked up and saw me staring. I quickly looked away. She then continued and I could see her from the rear and her saree was tight against her bottom and slightly wedged into her crack in the back so it was again very tempting thinking of a doggie style.

She suddenly straightned and turned and again caught me staring. I felt terrible since in all these years this had never happened. She didnt say anything and left.

A few days later when she came up to work, she suddenly asked that she now cleans my office unlike before, she should get something extra and I should pay her for that. I argued saying that for 5 minutes of cleaning everyday what is there to pay and doesnt make sense. Maybe she was upset or frustrated I dont know, but she retorted that I know how to look but not pay a small amount for the extra work. I was shocked and angry and said dont be crazy since I did not behave improperly and had never even looked at her in all these years and so not to speak stupidly. She replied saying, all men are the same, want to see women, make women work but dont spend money. She had never spoken like this before and I rarely had even spoken to her and I was even more shocked and angry. I blurted in anger that it was not as if she exposed herself properly for me to ask for money and if you want to be paid for this 5 minute work you can discuss that, not speak nonsense. She replied, oh that means that if I expose myself properly you will pay me ??? I was now going crazy with this argument and said, look I don’t know what you are talking about, the way this argument is going on, next you will say pay me and you can touch me, then after that something else, you must be mad. If you want money for the 5 minute work I will pay you, now leave me alone. She started weeping and ran away leaving me worried and afraid.

The next day when she came to clean up, I stood up and started walking away saying she can clean and I will leave the room. As I passed her, she suddenly held my hand to stop me and said, I am sorry about yesterday, I don’t know what happened to me, I was feeling so frustrated and spoke all kinds of nonsense. I said it is ok and she again started weeping softly. I don’t know why I did it, but I sort of put my hands out to comfort her and next thing I know she was really close to me and head bent and I ended up hugging her to comfort her. I realised it was not correct but she felt soft and nice and hot and I didn’t feel like leaving her. I sort of kept holding her and patting her back and rubbing it and saying not to worry. In a few seconds she recovered and suddenly realised what had happened and jumped back in shock, blushed and said sorry, sorry, sorry. I told her not to worry and said that a hug always makes people feel better when sad and so it was ok. I also liked it so don’t feel bad I said. She blushed red and went away.

Some days passed and we did not speak and I was away travelling and I gave her some money for the cleaning work. She refused to take it. I said I was giving with happiness and so she must take it. Suddenly she said with a smile and teasing look, was it for the cleaning or something else because you are afraid I will tell your wife. I said there is nothing else. She said, but you said you also liked to hold me. It was my turn to blush. I said look that was an accident, if it happens for real then god knows what else will happen. She said, so you want something more to happen. I was again in a reckless mood and said, look when nothing can happen, why speak about it. She said you have a lovely wife so how can you get such ideas ? I said even she looked attractive in her own way. She blushed and said how can you say without having seen me. I said I don’t need to see, I can make out. She smiled and said last time you were saying that if you see me and I don’t know what else you will pay me. I don’t want money but from now on if you see me I wont feel bad.

The discussions was making me crazy, and I said, look Parvati, I pay for cleaning, the way you are talking, you will then say, to see you properly, hold you and play with you I can pay you 100 each time and if we do anything more, then 500 each time. She said, I am not a slut you know, but you are nice and I don’t mind being nice to you. My heart started beating loudly and said ok then lets be nice to each other. Your feeling frustrated and angry that day was because you miss having a man in your life.

I said let me check where my wife is first and called her. She said that she would be home in 1 hour maximum. So I said Parvati, let me just see you properly, come here. I sat on my chair and as she came to me, I quickly removed her pallu and hurriedly unbuttoned her blouse and her breasts which looked like mangoes stood proud and slightly dropping. I took one in hand and as I started kneading it, I pulled her to me and took the other breast into my mouth. I started suckling hungrily and she gave a short moan and said, it has been years since anyone did that. I continued playing with her breast and sucking the other, and soon I started alternating between the two breasts drinking hungrily and trying to swallow her whole breast. With my hands I lifted her saree and started caressing her bottom and things which were so smooth and soft. She was holding my head and softly asked, compared to memsaab how am I ? I stopped sucking and looking at her asked why ? she said I want to listen to you talk and tell me that. I wont mind even if you say she is better, but tell me honestly. That excited me even more.

I said parvati, your breasts are smaller than memsaab, but more juicy, memsaab feels very dry when I suck her. Your bottom is very smooth and soft but memsaab has a rough bottom. You have small things but memsaab has bigger things and feels better. So you see both of you are enjoyable in your own way. I then started probing her pussy hurriedly and she had a thick bush of hair. I said memsaab cuts the hair a lot but you have a thick soft bush. As I continued sucking her my finger found her hole and she was already dripping wet like a dam burst. I had to push 2 fingers inside and start stroking her before she could feel me. I said parvati, did you normal delivery ? she nodded with her eyes closed and asked why. So I said that memsaab had a tighter hole than hers but memsaabs hole was most of the time dry and took time to get wet whereas she was wet so soon. I was now rubbing her inside outside fast and rotating my fingers too. She just held me tightly and softly moaning inside her throat. I continued sucking her tasty breasts and as one hand caressed her bottom and held her, my other hand was finger fucking her wildly. soon she started cumming in torrents and I could feel her thrusting her hole into my hand and she seemed to cum more than once. Her face was looking up, mouth open in a silent scream and breathing heavily. My hand was fully wet and sticky.

She stepped back slightly, breathing heavily and hard and said I desperately needed that, it has been so many years now since my husband left me. now let me see what I can do for you she said and started groping her hand to my pants. She suddenly said, memsaab has had operation ? I said no. so then what do you do she asked ? I said we used a condom and have been using it for 20 years. She looked at me and said then you have forgotten how a womans hole feels like. I have had an operation so you can experience me properly. I looked at my watch and said that we do not have time and if the work had not been done, memsaab would be wondering what you were doing. She said that is unfair and she would help me do it quickly. I said that the only quick way to do it was by doing it doggie style and with her saree hitched up. She asked, does memsaab do that to you ? I said memsaab never agrees to do doggie style. Parvati said, then I will do that for you, come quickly and turned around and bent against the table. I quickly stood up and dropping my pants held her waist and bottom and she spread her legs. I adjusted myself and quickly entered her and the feeling of a womans hole after 20 years was exquisite and wonderful. I held her waist and started fucking her fast. She asked, how is my hole ? I said it is good. Compare it she said. I said her hole was definitely better than memsaab hole. She said then tell me as you do it. This was getting even more exciting and I could feel my erection get even stronger inside her hole as we spoke. I said parvati, your hole is better than memsaabs hole, your hole is lovely parvati, I love your hole parvati, oh it is so much nicer than memsaabs hole parvati, it’s a great hole parvati you have, I like your hole more than memsaabs hole parvati and even as was saying this I started cumming and cumming deep inside her hole. I held her waist and bottom squeezing and pinching as I rammed myself against her.

Soon I was exhausted and withdrew myself and she said better go and wash and I better go finish my work quickly and turned to run off but I held her and started button up her blouse. Once her blouse was properly buttoned up, I took 500 bucks and shoved it into her blouse front against her breasts and said, keep it.

This looks like a new beginning and will share more in future. Parvati is sure lovely to fuck and fondle and I wonder how it would be to spend a night with her.

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